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AppBlock Premium v6.4.4 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) for Android

Name AppBlock - Block Apps & Sites AppBlock - Block Apps & Sites is the most famous version in the AppBlock - Block Apps & Sites series of publisher MobileSoft s r o
Publisher MobileSoft s r o
Genre Apps
Size 14 MB
Version 6.4.4
Update Aug 21, 2023
MOD Pro Unlocked
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Android Android Apps
4.6 ( 495 ratings )
Price: $0

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  • Pro Unlocked

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In a world where digital distractions abound, AppBlock Premium emerges as a cutting-edge mobile application dedicated to enhancing productivity and fostering a healthier digital lifestyle. With its impressive range of features and intuitive interface, this app has garnered significant attention for its effectiveness in combating digital diversions and promoting focused engagement. This comprehensive review delves deep into the standout attributes, advantages, and user experience that AppBlock Premium brings to the table.

AppBlock Premium

Tailored App Blocking

AppBlock Premium’s standout feature lies in its ability to cater to individual needs. Users can handpick specific applications to be blocked during designated time slots, thus curbing unnecessary interruptions. The app also facilitates the creation of personalized schedules, ensuring uninterrupted concentration during work, study, or relaxation hours.

Pomodoro-Inspired Work Sessions

Embracing the famed Pomodoro technique, AppBlock Premium offers users the chance to arrange focused work sessions interspersed with brief rejuvenating breaks. This strategic approach aids in maximizing productivity by designating dedicated time for deep, undistracted work, resulting in increased output and higher quality outcomes.

Appblock Premium Features

Comprehensive Website and URL Blocking

Beyond mere app restriction, AppBlock Premium empowers users to extend their focus control to the online realm. It enables the blocking of distracting websites and URLs, effectively cultivating an environment of concentration. Users can cultivate a more productive online experience by deterring access to time-consuming sites.

Efficient Scheduling and Planning

The integrated scheduler within AppBlock Premium acts as a powerful ally for efficient time management. This tool assists in the meticulous allocation of time for various tasks, facilitating a balanced routine that encompasses work, leisure, and essential periods of relaxation.

Strict Mode and Exceptional Flexibility

The app’s strict mode serves as a noteworthy feature for those seeking complete immersion. Users can activate this mode to block all apps, barring those carefully added to the exceptions list. This empowers users to grant themselves access to crucial applications while maintaining a disciplined focus.

Appblock Premium Apk Happymod

Unlocking Benefits

Amplified Productivity:
AppBlock Premium hands users the reins to their time and attention, resulting in a significant uptick in productivity across various life dimensions.

Breaking Digital Chains

The relentless grip of constant smartphone checking is overcome with the app’s capability to restrict access to non-essential apps and websites, fostering healthier tech interaction.

Precision Focus and Concentration

By minimizing distractions, AppBlock Premium becomes a catalyst for unwavering concentration, leading to a pronounced enhancement in the quality of work and depth of focus.

Nurturing Digital Well-being

The app’s boundary-setting prowess paves the way for a more balanced and mindful relationship with technology, contributing to holistic well-being.

Realizing Goals EfficientlyWith dedicated, distraction-free intervals, users can channel their energies towards pivotal tasks, thereby optimizing goal attainment.

Intuitive User Interface

AppBlock Premium’s user-friendly interface streamlines the process of configuring personalized blocks and schedules, making the entire experience seamless and hassle-free.

Dependable Performance

User reviews highlight the app’s unwavering stability and consistent performance across a spectrum of devices, solidifying its reliability.

Appblock Premium Apk Free Download

Effective Notifications

Timely notifications play a pivotal role in keeping users aligned with their planned schedules, notifying them when sessions start or conclude, and fostering adherence.

Invaluable Data Insights

The app’s provision of detailed usage statistics offers users profound insights into their digital habits, enabling them to make informed decisions about their technology interactions.


AppBlock Premium emerges as an indisputable asset for individuals determined to optimize their productivity and digital well-being. Through its diverse range of features, compelling benefits, and user-centric design, the app empowers users to wrest control over their digital existence, leading to a harmonious equilibrium between work, leisure, and moments of relaxation.

Whats New

We've introduced proactive notifications to keep you informed. You'll receive an alert 5 minutes before your schedule begins and also once it ends. Notification about Strict Mode ending is also available. All these notifications can be configured or disabled in the app settings.
Block Account Switching
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In-App Language Setting

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