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Botworld Adventure v1.15.1 MOD APK (Menu, God Mode) Free Shopping

Name Botworld Adventure Botworld Adventure is the most famous version in the Botworld Adventure series of publisher Featherweight
Publisher Featherweight
Genre Games
Size 560 MB
Version 1.15.1
Update Aug 5, 2023
MOD Menu, Free Shopping, God Mode
Get it On Play Store
Android Android Games
4.6 ( 680 ratings )
Price: $0

  • Free shopping
  • God mode
  • Damage multiplier

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Welcome to Botworld Adventure, an extraordinary mobile game that will sweep you away on an exhilarating journey through a vibrant world brimming with fun and excitement. Developed by the talented team at Featherweight Games, this captivating game promises to keep players hooked with its engaging gameplay, lovable characters, and challenging quests.

Botworld Adventure

Embark on a Thrilling Adventure

Botworld Adventure offers an immersive gameplay experience that seamlessly blends action, strategy, and puzzle-solving elements. Prepare to dive headfirst into the enchanting realm of Botworld, where you’ll be presented with an array of intriguing challenges and quests to conquer. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer, the game’s user-friendly controls ensure an effortless and enjoyable adventure.

Meet the Charming Cast of Characters

The game’s character design shines with a delightful cast of bots, each boasting unique personalities and abilities. From lovable robots who steal your heart to cunning villains who test your mettle, the diverse range of characters adds depth and charm to the overall experience. Get ready to forge unforgettable bonds with these quirky beings as you progress through the game.

Botworld Adventure Wiki

Explore Enchanting Environments

Botworld Adventure is a visual feast, offering players a diverse array of enchanting environments to explore. From lush forests and serene meadows to perilous dungeons and futuristic cities, each setting brings its own set of challenges and surprises. The dynamic landscapes ensure that your gaming experience remains fresh and engaging, with something new to discover around every corner.

Challenge Your Mind with Puzzles

If you love a good brain-teaser, Botworld Adventure won’t disappoint. The game presents a variety of challenging puzzles that test your problem-solving skills. Cleverly designed to provide just the right amount of difficulty, these puzzles are both rewarding and satisfying to complete, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment as you progress through the adventure.

Is Botworld Adventure Offline

Conquer Epic Boss Battles

Prepare for heart-pounding moments as you face off against formidable bosses in epic battles. Strategy and quick reflexes will be your allies in defeating these mighty adversaries. Triumphing over the bosses rewards you with exciting loot and power-ups that aid you on your quest, ensuring you’re always ready for the next challenge.

Personalize Your Robot Character

Express your individuality by customizing your robot character with an array of skins, accessories, and upgrades. Stand out in the Botworld community with a unique appearance that reflects your personality and style. Show off your creativity and make your character truly your own as you make your mark in this immersive world.

Stay Engaged with Regular Updates

Featherweight Games takes player satisfaction seriously and regularly updates Botworld Adventure with fresh content, features, and events. This commitment to improvement ensures that players always have something new to look forward to, making each gaming session exciting and dynamic.

Is Botworld Adventure

Connect with Friends and Compete

The fun doesn’t end with solo gameplay! Engage with your friends and other players through in-game social features, such as leaderboards and friendly challenges. Share your progress, compete for high scores, and celebrate each other’s achievements as you strengthen the Botworld community.


Botworld Adventure is a gem among mobile games, offering an incredible mix of excitement, charm, and challenges. Featherweight Games has crafted a masterpiece that caters to both casual gamers and seasoned players alike. Don’t miss out on this thrilling adventure! Download Botworld Adventure from the Google Play Store today and let the journey begin. Prepare to be captivated by the wonders of Botworld as you embark on an unforgettable quest like no other!

Whats New

Engage in battles with friends, guild members and new leaderboard rivals in the Season of Champions in Update 1.15!

• Seasonal Leaderboards: Fight for placement in the Top 100 players every season in the new Arena and Raid leaderboards
• New Story Quest: Lead Ripjaw's Raiders into battle against the Sand Pirates of Parched Sea
• New Season Pass: The Season of Champions begins, providing access to a new Epic Bot Style, new cosmetics, and loads of scrap
• New Legendary Ability and Booster

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