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Buriedbornes v3.9.16 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Craft) for Android

Name Buriedbornes -Hardcore RPG- Buriedbornes -Hardcore RPG- is the most famous version in the Buriedbornes -Hardcore RPG- series of publisher ohNussy
Publisher ohNussy
Genre Games
Size 124 MB
Version 3.9.16
Update Aug 28, 2023
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Android Android Games
4.7 ( 677 ratings )
Price: $0

  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Currency
  • Unlimited All

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Buriedbornes, an enthralling RPG game, offers players a unique and captivating gameplay experience that transports them to a realm of dark mysteries and thrilling challenges. Available for download on the Google Play Store, this game is a must-try for those seeking an immersive adventure.


Immersive Gameplay Experience

Step into a world shrouded in darkness, where players must traverse treacherous dungeons and confront formidable foes. The game’s exceptional blend of RPG and strategy elements creates an experience that keeps players engaged for hours on end. As you delve into the unknown, strategic planning becomes your greatest ally.

Character Customization

Buriedbornes stands out with its extensive character customization options, allowing players to craft unique characters brimming with distinct abilities and skills. The choices made during character creation are pivotal to overcoming the diverse in-game challenges. Each decision can tip the scales between victory and defeat.

Deep Strategy Mechanics

The turn-based combat system is a cornerstone of the game’s strategy mechanics. Success hinges on meticulous planning, as players must analyze enemy strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the right combination of equipment and skills is vital to achieving victory and progressing through the dark and treacherous world.

Dynamic Dungeon Exploration

Prepare for an ever-changing adventure with procedurally generated dungeons that promise a fresh experience with each playthrough. The suspense of exploration is heightened by unexpected events, cunning traps, and hidden treasures, ensuring that no two journeys are alike.

Buriedbornes Tier List

Storyline and Lore

Buriedbornes weaves a captivating narrative that unfolds as players delve deeper into the game. The rich lore and intricate storytelling elements foster curiosity about the game’s world and characters, making every step of the journey a compelling revelation.

Frequent Updates and Additions

The developers of Buriedbornes exhibit a dedication to enhancing the gaming experience through regular updates, introducing new content, and refining gameplay mechanics. Players are encouraged to remain engaged to enjoy the latest features and rise to new challenges.

Stunning Visuals and Art Style

Immerse yourself in the visually enchanting pixel art style that defines Buriedbornes. This art style not only pleases the eye but also contributes significantly to the game’s immersive atmosphere and distinctive ambiance, drawing players further into the dark realm.

Community Interaction

Join a vibrant player community that thrives on sharing strategies, tips, and personal experiences. The camaraderie within the community enhances the overall gaming experience, while social features like leaderboards and friend challenges add a competitive edge.

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In-App Purchases and Monetization

The game offers in-app purchases that can enhance the gameplay, but the developers have taken care to implement fair monetization practices. For those looking to enjoy the game without spending money, numerous avenues exist to make meaningful progress and savor the adventure.


In summary, Buriedbornes offers a multifaceted gaming experience that marries strategy, RPG elements, and immersive storytelling. As you navigate through mysterious dungeons, customize characters, and engage in turn-based battles, you’ll find yourself ensnared in a world of captivating lore and dynamic challenges. Embark on your own strategic adventure by downloading Buriedbornes from the Google Play Store and unearth the depths of its enchanting gameplay.

Whats New

Android 13 (API level 33) or later was targeted.

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