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Fast VPN MOD APK v1.9.1 [VIP Unlocked/VIP Servers] for Android

Name Fast VPN - Fast & Secure Proxy Fast VPN - Fast & Secure Proxy is the most famous version in the Fast VPN - Fast & Secure Proxy series of publisher VPM Master
Publisher VPM Master
Genre Apps
Size 16 MB
Version 1.9.1
Total installs 50,000,000+
Update Jul 7, 2023
MOD VIP Unlocked/VIP Servers
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Android Android Apps
4.6 ( 705 ratings )
Price: $0

  • All VIP Servers Can Access

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In today’s digital age, protecting our online privacy and security has become paramount. This review will focus on Fast VPN, an exceptional tool designed to safeguard your online activities. By using this VPN service, users can enjoy a secure and private browsing experience.

Fast VPN App

Features of Fast VPN

Fast VPN stands out among its competitors due to its impressive array of features. The service offers a vast network of server locations worldwide, ensuring a wide range of options for users to connect to. With robust encryption protocols, users can rest assured that their internet traffic remains encrypted and secure. Additionally, Fast VPN boasts remarkable connection speeds, making it ideal for streaming, gaming, and downloading large files.

User-Friendly Interface

Fast VPN features a user-friendly interface, making it effortless to connect to VPN servers and navigate through various settings. Its intuitive design allows even beginners to establish a secure connection quickly. Furthermore, the service is available across multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, providing seamless accessibility to users on their preferred devices.

Fast Secure VPN

Fast and Reliable Connection

The primary purpose of a VPN service is to establish a fast and reliable connection, and Fast VPN excels in this regard. Users can enjoy speedy connections to servers around the world, enabling smooth browsing experiences and minimal latency. This reliability is particularly crucial for activities such as streaming high-definition content, engaging in online gaming, or downloading large files.

Wide Server Network

Fast VPN boasts an extensive network of server locations, ensuring global coverage and accessibility. With servers distributed across various countries, users can bypass geo-restrictions, access region-restricted content, and overcome censorship. This wide server network allows users to browse the internet as if they were physically located in different parts of the world, expanding their online possibilities.

Fast VPN

Robust Security and Privacy Features

Fast VPN prioritizes user security and privacy. It utilizes advanced encryption protocols to protect users’ internet traffic, preventing unauthorized access and surveillance. In addition to encryption, Fast VPN offers valuable security features like a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and malware blocking. These features further enhance users’ privacy and shield them from potential cyber threats.

Compatibility with Streaming Services

Fast VPN seamlessly integrates with popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. By using the service, users can bypass geographical restrictions and access a vast library of content from different regions. Whether it’s catching up on your favorite shows or enjoying region-specific content, Fast VPN ensures a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

Fast VPN offers flexible pricing options to cater to different user needs. The service provides an overview of its pricing structure and various subscription plans. Additionally, users may appreciate the availability of a free trial or a money-back guarantee, allowing them to test the service’s features and evaluate its suitability before committing to a subscription.

Free Fast VPN

User Reviews and Ratings

Fast VPN has garnered positive reviews from satisfied users. Testimonials highlight its exceptional performance, reliable connections, and top-notch security features. Moreover, the service has received recognition within the industry, including notable awards that further validate its reliability and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is a VPN and why do I need it?

A: A VPN is a technology that ensures online privacy and security by encrypting your internet traffic and masking your IP address. It helps protect sensitive data, browse anonymously, and access geo-restricted content.

Q: How does Fast VPN ensure my online privacy and security?

A: Fast VPN uses advanced encryption protocols, masks your IP address, and offers additional security features like a kill switch and malware blocking to safeguard your online activities.

Q: Can I use Fast VPN on multiple devices simultaneously?

A: Yes, Fast VPN allows simultaneous connections on multiple devices depending on your subscription plan.


In conclusion, Fast VPN is a powerful tool that prioritizes your online privacy and security. With its impressive features, user-friendly interface, fast connections, wide server network, and robust security measures, it stands out as an excellent choice among VPN services. We highly recommend trying Fast VPN and experiencing its numerous benefits for yourself. Take the first step towards a safer and more private online experience by signing up for Fast VPN today.

Whats New

1.9.11. Fix bugs2. Improve stability

5/5 - (1 vote)

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