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Left to Survive v6.0.0 MOD APK (Money, Unlimited Ammo) Download

Name Left to Survive: zombie games Left to Survive: zombie games is the most famous version in the Left to Survive: zombie games series of publisher UPWAKE ME
Publisher UPWAKE ME
Genre Action
Version 6.0.0
Total installs 10,000,000
Update Jul 6, 2023
MOD Money, Unlimited Ammo, Menu
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Android Android Action
4.5 ( 457 ratings )
Price: $0

  • Damage multiplier [x1 – x1000]
  • Max ammo
  • No reload
  • God mode
  • 1000 rounds in the clip/include before the task

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Zombie Smasher, developed by Glu, is a captivating mobile game that plunges players into the heart of a zombie apocalypse. With its addictive gameplay and stunning visuals, it has garnered a massive following of zombie game enthusiasts worldwide.

Best Zombie Games

Intuitive Gameplay

Prepare to engage in an exhilarating zombie-slaying experience with Zombie Smasher. The game offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, making it easy for players of all skill levels to jump right in. Crush hordes of hungry zombies strategically using an array of weapons and power-ups at your disposal.

Varied Zombie Types

Zombie Smasher introduces a diverse range of zombie adversaries, each possessing unique characteristics and abilities. From slow and lumbering undead to swift and agile mutants, the game challenges players to adapt their strategies and stay on their toes. Prepare for intense encounters with a constantly evolving army of the undead.

Left To Survive

Power-Ups and Weapons

Arm yourself with an arsenal of devastating weapons and unlock powerful upgrades as you progress. Zombie Smasher offers a wide selection of armaments, including flamethrowers, shotguns, and explosives, allowing you to obliterate zombies in creative and satisfying ways. Strategically utilize special power-ups to gain the upper hand in your relentless pursuit of survival.

Challenging Levels and Environments

Zombie Smasher takes players on a thrilling journey through various challenging levels set in haunting environments. Navigate through desolate cities, eerie graveyards, and abandoned factories, each with its own unique obstacles and layouts. With increasing difficulty, the game ensures a constant sense of excitement and satisfaction as you conquer each new stage.

Zombie Games

Engaging Multiplayer Mode

Join forces with friends or compete against other players in Zombie Smasher’s immersive multiplayer mode. Team up to fend off massive waves of zombies together or engage in thrilling PvP battles to determine the ultimate zombie smasher. The multiplayer feature adds a social element and endless replayability to the game, providing hours of entertainment.

Stunning Graphics and Audio

Zombie Smasher delivers a visually stunning experience with its detailed graphics and captivating artwork. Immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic world brought to life through high-quality visuals. The spine-chilling sound effects and immersive background music heighten the tension and create an atmosphere of suspense and excitement.

Upcoming Zombie Games

Regular Updates and Events

Glu is committed to delivering an exceptional gaming experience by regularly updating Zombie Smasher with exciting new features, levels, and events. Stay engaged and motivated by participating in limited-time events and challenges, earning exclusive rewards, and climbing the global leaderboards. The game keeps evolving, ensuring that there’s always something new to explore and conquer.


Zombie Smasher is the ultimate mobile game for zombie apocalypse enthusiasts. With its intuitive gameplay, diverse zombie encounters, and captivating multiplayer mode, it guarantees hours of adrenaline-pumping fun. Equip yourself with powerful weapons, annihilate hordes of zombies, and immerse yourself in a world where survival is the only option. Join the ranks of skilled zombie slayers in Zombie Smasher and prove your worth in this epic battle against the undead.

Whats New

UPDATE 6.0.0
Hero Evolution system REINVENTED!
-Upgrade heroes step-by-step!
-Decide what to level up first: perks or HP.

Active Abilities GET MORE POWERFUL!
Active abilities upgrade with every 10 level-ups of the hero.

New event
Reset any hero and get back all XP boosts you've spent.

NEW PvP map
Mysterious NEW Hero
A terrifying Siren
No one can resist her deadly song.
IMPROVED Event Rating System
Division into rating groups will be added.
Prizes get more valuable.

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