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Lifting Hero v42.3.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gems)

Name Lifting Hero Lifting Hero is the most famous version in the Lifting Hero series of publisher Rollic Games
Publisher Rollic Games
Genre Casual
Size 133 MB
Version 42.3.9
Total installs 10,000,000
Update Jul 14, 2023
Get it On Play Store
Android Android Casual
4.6 ( 590 ratings )
Price: $0

  • Muscle Multiplier
  • Upgrade Cost 0.
  • Autoclick Injection.

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Are you looking for a comprehensive fitness app that can help you achieve your workout goals? Look no further than Lifting Hero! Available on the Google Play Store, this app is designed to be your ultimate fitness companion, offering a wide range of features and functionalities to enhance your workout experience.

Lifting Heroes X Codes

User Interface and Design:

Lifting Hero boasts a user-friendly interface and a visually appealing design. Navigating through the app is a breeze, allowing both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts to effortlessly access the app’s various features. Its intuitive design ensures that you can focus on your workout without any distractions.

Features and Functionality:

Lifting Hero comes packed with an impressive array of features to support your fitness journey. The app provides robust workout tracking capabilities, allowing you to record your sets, reps, and weights used. This feature enables you to monitor your progress and make data-driven decisions to optimize your training sessions.

One of the standout features of Lifting Hero is its extensive exercise library. With a comprehensive collection of exercises covering various muscle groups and fitness levels, you’ll never run out of workout options. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced lifter, the app offers exercises suited to your specific needs.

Lifting Hero

Exercise Library and Workout Plans:

Say goodbye to monotonous workouts! Lifting Hero offers pre-designed workout plans tailored to different fitness goals, such as strength building, endurance training, and muscle development. Additionally, the app allows you to customize your own workout plans, ensuring that your fitness routine aligns with your preferences and fitness level.

Tracking and Progress Monitoring:

Tracking your progress is essential for staying motivated and achieving your fitness targets. Lifting Hero simplifies this process by providing a seamless tracking system. You can effortlessly monitor your workout history, set goals, and receive performance insights. The app even includes rest timers to help you optimize your rest periods between sets.

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Community and Social Features:

Need some extra motivation? Lifting Hero offers a vibrant community aspect, allowing you to connect with like-minded individuals, share your progress, and participate in engaging challenges. The app’s social features, including leaderboards and achievements, create a supportive environment that keeps you motivated and accountable.

Compatibility and Integration:

Lifting Hero seamlessly integrates with various fitness devices and platforms, making it a versatile choice. Whether you use a fitness tracker or other health apps, Lifting Hero ensures compatibility and smooth data synchronization. This integration allows you to have a holistic view of your fitness journey.


Pricing and In-App Purchases:

You’ll be delighted to know that Lifting Hero is available for free download on the Google Play Store. The app also offers premium subscriptions that unlock additional features and content for users who desire an enhanced fitness experience. The flexible pricing options cater to different budget preferences.

User Reviews and Ratings:

Don’t just take our word for it! Many users have already experienced success with Lifting Hero. They have praised the app for its user-friendly interface, extensive exercise library, and the sense of community it fosters. Their positive reviews and high ratings testify to the app’s effectiveness and reliability.


In conclusion, Lifting Hero is the ultimate fitness companion for anyone looking to achieve their workout goals. With its user-friendly interface, extensive exercise library, robust tracking capabilities, and vibrant community, this app is a game-changer in the fitness world. Download Lifting Hero today from the Google Play Store and take your fitness journey to new heights. Start experiencing the transformative power of this incredible app for yourself!

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