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MetroLand Mod Apk v1.14.2 (Unlimited Money, Energy) Free Download

Name MetroLand - Endless Arcade Run MetroLand - Endless Arcade Run is the most famous version in the MetroLand - Endless Arcade Run series of publisher Kiloo
Publisher Kiloo
Genre Arcade
Size 108 MB
Version 1.12.0
Total installs 500,316
Update May 06, 2022
MOD Modify a large amount of currency
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Android Android Arcade
4.2 ( 361 ratings )
Price: $0

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Do you like running and racing games? Well, get ready to run and race your way to the top! The world’s most powerful modders have unleashed a free game that will make you want to start charging into buildings at top speeds. Get ready for a whole new kind of arcade-style gaming experience with The Metroland Mod Apk! This is an endless runner with RPG elements, so go ahead and give it your name – The Metroland MOD Apk.

metroland endless arcade runner

What is The Metroland Mod Apk?

The Metroland Mod Apk is an endless running mobile game developed by Notch, the creator of the popular Minecraft series. The Metroland MOD Apk has been created to showcase the various properties of each of the mods that power this game. The game itself is a free-to-play strategy RPG where you play as Top, one of the game’s four playable races. You are tasked with exploring a fantasy world in order to acquire resources and uncover the history of this land.

What do you need to play The Metroland MOD Apk?

You need a device that supports both the Android OS and API level 19 (Android Nougat). The API level is the highest level of API support that an individual developer can create for an Android application. API level 19 is the minimum required to run the Mod Apk. We recommend using an emulator to test out the API level and run the Mod Apk on a real device to ensure optimal performance.

How to Play The Metroland Mod Apk!

Ready to get running? The initial setup for this game is very easy. First, you will need to download and install the Mod Apk. After that, you will need to select which device(s) you want to play the game on. You can then launch the game and select “Play this device” to select the available devices.

Tips and Tricks for The Metroland Mod Apk!

When creating a character, you should try to remain as true to the game’s lore as possible. For example, your race/class should reflect your main goals/attributes in the game. Your physical and magical statistics should reflect your character’s core values. Something to keep in mind too is that the game doesn’t check if you have completed certain quests and/or tasks before allowing you to run/fight. In order for the game to know how to properly balance your energy and money, this game requires you to play a variety of races and classes to get a feel for what works best for you.

Download MetroLand Endless Runner MOD APK

Game-Changing Features in The Metroland Mod Apk!

We hope you are as excited as we are about the new features in this latest MOD Apk. The following are the most exciting ones we can think of: An RPG-like leveling system – You will level up, unlocking new abilities and increasing the damage of your current ones. Your equipment, too, will improve over time, making you stronger in combat and able to run faster. New boss fights – The most challenging enemy you can ever face is the one that never existed! The mods behind this game have made it so that no boss fight in the game is as challenging as it could be.

Is Metroland – Endless Arcade Run Mod Safe?

This game is completely safe to play. No in-app purchases, ads or anything else that could be considered a “drawback” to the game is present in this game. Moreover, the game uses a game-verified system to check your account balance.

Is it safe to download Metroland – Endless Arcade Run APK Mod (Unlimited Money) on awakeningbd.com?

Our team does not encourage the use of unauthorized third-party apps. However, this particular app is a that we have helped verify. In order to help ensure the safety of players, we have provided the official link to the app.

Why do you need permission to install Metroland – Endless Arcade Run Mod (Unlimited Money)?

In order to run the MOD Apk, you must have access to the Google Play Store. This app has been verified and approved by Google. You will need to click on the “More” menu and select “ Botched Download” in order to verify and remove these items from your device.

metroland mod apk

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Is this game safe for children?

A: Yes, this game is optimized for children. It uses low-risk activities to keep them safe from harm.

Q: How much does this game cost?

A: This game is free to play but you can purchase some in-game items to make the experience more worthwhile.


The endless running genre is a very popular one with many different titles available for download. These games are simple to play but challenging to master. They allow you to get a feel for running and racing in a 3D world. In our review of The Metroland – Endless Arcade Run, we feel that the game does a great job of showcasing the various properties of each of the mods that power this game. The game is very fun to play and is sure to please both new and old fans of the genre. If you are interested in playing a fun and challenging game that will challenge you in more ways than one, The Metroland – Endless Arcade Run is definitely for you.

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MetroLand moves to Rio de Janeiro!

Welcome to the tropical coast of Rio! Explore the sunny beaches and beautiful sights

Infiltrate MegaCorp headquarters in exciting and rewarding challenges in a new area that will test your skill

Quality of life improvements for the Season Pass, Piggy Bank, and the Events system
Added a number of missing tooltips and sounds

5/5 - (1 vote)

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