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Miners Settlement v4.17.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name Miners Settlement: Idle RPG Miners Settlement: Idle RPG is the most famous version in the Miners Settlement: Idle RPG series of publisher Funventure P S A
Publisher Funventure P S A
Genre Games
Size 193 MB
Version 4.17.9
Update Aug 21, 2023
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Android Android Games
4.7 ( 949 ratings )
Price: $0

  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Currency
  • Unlimited Item
  • Unlimited Material
  • Free Purchase

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In the vast realm of mobile gaming, a captivating gem awaits all enthusiasts of strategy, creativity, and adorable companions. Introducing “Miners Settlement: Village Tycoon & Pets Keeper,” a game that seamlessly blends village management, resource mining, and pet care into an immersive experience that’s both engaging and rewarding.

Miners Settlement

Gameplay Overview

At its core, Miners Settlement empowers players to step into the shoes of a village tycoon, entrusted with the growth and prosperity of a budding settlement. A harmonious fusion of village management, resource acquisition, and the heartwarming company of pets sets the stage for a unique adventure.

The primary objectives are twofold: expand your settlement’s borders and infrastructures while amassing a wealth of resources from the depths of the mines. A distinctive feature lies in the interactive dimension, encouraging players to establish beneficial partnerships by trading resources and insights with fellow players.

Engaging Features

Village Management: Dive into a world of creativity as you meticulously plan and develop your settlement. Strike the perfect balance between aesthetic charm and functional efficiency as you design and upgrade structures.

Mining Ventures: Delve deep into the mines, extracting a diverse array of valuable resources. From glittering gold to precious gems and rare minerals, the rewards of your excavations fuel the expansion and prosperity of your village.

Pet Companions: The heart and soul of Miners Settlement lies in its captivating pets. These endearing companions offer more than just companionship – they actively contribute to your village’s success. Choose from an array of pets, each possessing unique abilities and benefits that bolster your mining endeavors, crafting pursuits, and overall village development.

Crafting System: Put your resources to work through the intricate crafting system. Forge tools, decorations, and essential items that play a pivotal role in the growth of your village. This system adds an extra layer of strategy, ensuring every resource is maximized for ultimate progression.

Social Interaction: Forge connections with fellow players in a thriving community. Trade resources, share insights, and collaborate to unlock synergistic benefits that catapult your village’s growth.

Miners Settlement Guide

Pet Keeping

Pet companionship forms a cornerstone of Miners Settlement, offering an enchanting dimension to gameplay. Adopt and nurture pets that each bring their unique abilities to the table. From steadfast dogs to mythical creatures, their contributions to mining, crafting, and overall village management are invaluable.

Resource Management

Resource management stands as a linchpin of success. Gold, gems, and minerals form the lifeblood of your village’s expansion. Utilize your mining prowess wisely to upgrade structures, unlock new territories, and craft essential items. A strategic approach to resource allocation ensures sustained progress.

Customization and Upgrades

Fuel your creativity by customizing and upgrading village structures. Strike a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality as you elevate your settlement to new heights. Progress through the game introduces access to new structures and upgrades, rewarding your journey with innovation.

Miners Settlement Secret Codes

Graphics and Audio

Miners Settlement is a visual feast, boasting vibrant graphics that breathe life into the village and its inhabitants. Each structure and pet is meticulously designed, creating an immersive experience that captivates the senses. Accompanying this visual delight is a carefully curated audio landscape, complete with enchanting sound effects and background music that elevate the gameplay to new heights.

In-Game Economy

The art of trading comes to the forefront in Miners Settlement. Engage in an intricate in-game economy by trading resources with fellow players. Collaboration is key as alliances are formed for mutual growth and prosperity. This dynamic interaction adds a layer of depth and excitement to the experience.

Frequent Updates

The dedication of the developers shines through regular updates. Expect fresh features, new pets, and gameplay enhancements that keep the journey consistently engaging. This commitment ensures that players always have something new to explore and enjoy.

Miners Settlement Orc Champion


In the captivating world of Miners Settlement, a tapestry of village management, resource mining, and pet companionship unfolds. This game isn’t just about pixels on a screen; it’s about nurturing a thriving settlement and forming meaningful connections within a vibrant community. Embark on your own adventure today, and let the charm of Miners Settlement captivate you as you build, mine, and care for your way to success.

Whats New

- Virimel Arena ( PvP ) - Highly anticipated, announced early version of the PvP feature, which will give you the opportunity to test your strength!
- Bug fixes and stabilisation of the game.

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