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Thimbleweed Park v1.0.9 APK + OBB (Full Game) Download

Name Thimbleweed Park Thimbleweed Park is the most famous version in the Thimbleweed Park series of publisher Terrible Toybox, Inc.
Publisher Inc.Terrible Toybox
Genre Adventure
Size 932M
Version 1.0.9
Update May 24, 2023
Get it On Play Store
Android Android Adventure
4.4 ( 722 ratings )
Price: $0

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Thimbleweed Park, developed by Terrible Toybox, is an enthralling point-and-click adventure game that has found its way to the Google Play Store, captivating gamers with its gripping storyline and intriguing characters.

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Engaging Storyline

Prepare to be engrossed in a thrilling narrative as you step into the shoes of multiple characters investigating a mysterious murder in the peculiar town of Thimbleweed Park. Unravel the secrets and navigate through twists, turns, and unexpected surprises that keep you hooked until the very end.

Unique Characters

One of the game’s standout features is its cast of diverse and quirky characters, each with their own motives and secrets. Players can switch between these intriguing personas, adding depth to the gameplay experience and allowing them to explore the storyline from different perspectives.

Android Thimbleweed Park

Stunning Graphics and Art Style

Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of classic adventure games with Thimbleweed Park’s visually pleasing retro pixel art style. The attention to detail in the environments brings the town to life, making exploration a visually satisfying experience that harkens back to the golden era of gaming.

Intuitive Gameplay

Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or new to the genre, Thimbleweed Park offers intuitive point-and-click mechanics that are easy to grasp. The well-designed user interface ensures smooth gameplay flow, making it accessible to players of all levels.

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Challenging Puzzles

Challenge your creativity and problem-solving skills with a plethora of thought-provoking puzzles scattered throughout Thimbleweed Park. These puzzles not only provide a sense of accomplishment when solved but also add depth and longevity to the gameplay.

Nostalgic References

For fans of classic adventure games, Thimbleweed Park is a treasure trove of clever references and Easter eggs. The game’s designers have masterfully woven nostalgic elements that pay homage to the golden age of the genre, leaving long-time gamers with a warm sense of familiarity.

Thimbleweed Park Apk

Regular Updates and Support

The developers at Terrible Toybox are committed to providing an exceptional gaming experience. They consistently update and improve Thimbleweed Park, ensuring that players receive additional content, expansions, and bug fixes, elevating the game’s overall quality.

Player Reviews and Ratings

Thimbleweed Park has garnered praise from players worldwide, earning high ratings and positive reviews on the Google Play Store. Players have praised the game’s immersive storyline, challenging puzzles, and nostalgic charm, making it a must-play for adventure game enthusiasts.


Thimbleweed Park for Android offers an unforgettable gaming experience, combining a captivating storyline, unique characters, stunning graphics, and challenging puzzles. Embrace the nostalgia, explore the mysteries of Thimbleweed Park, and uncover the truth behind the enigmatic murder. Download the game from the Google Play Store and embark on a thrilling point-and-click adventure that will keep you engaged from start to finish. Get ready to lose yourself in the allure of this charming town!

Whats New

Updated to support Android 13.

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